weekly line.up

Monday, April 4, 2011
happy monday!!
was the weather as crazy for you this weekend as it was for me??
friday i was outside basking in the sunshine...and yesterday we had snow!
not cool.

unlike the weather,
this upcoming week IS going to be cool.

but first, 
the winner of the mod 86 designery planner:
{drumroll please...}

natasha, congrats!!
please email me at j.tradingpost@gmail.com
and we'll work out all the details.

ok.  on to the coolness of this week:

tuesday, the lovely shop, ivory and moss
is going to be the featured trader!
you won't want to miss what bianca has to offer.
her baby shoes + headbands are beautifully made.

wednesday,  julie bell has an
awesome giveaway lined up! 
her shop features adorable knit beanies
and unique star war's finger puppets.

thursday, maleah of little eme
has got some fun things up her sleeves.
she is one talented lady...
and her sweet little hats look so incredibly comfy + warm.

friday, TBA.

also, i'm switching things up a bit.
i've had quite a few people let me know that they would like
the trades to be extended.  
one day just isn't enough, huh??

so...each trade will be open for ONE entire week!!
yay!  we're going to back up a bit, and kitty baby love
will be open for trading until this thursday, april 7th.
you know your easter baskets 
won't be complete without those kitty crayons.

see you tomorrow...


Brandi_enthusiastichomemaking.blogspot.com said...

You're telling me! We drove through Utah on our way back from vacation; it was 91 degrees in Las Vegas; where we stopped on the way back from Disneyland; near Orem we hit pouring rain and tons of traffic; then it started to snow! It was so scary; everyone was pulling over; but we made it through! It took 12 hours to get from Las Vegas to Boise, though, instead of 10!