let's be honest.  
this blog is brand new, so there aren't many "frequently asked questions."
however, i realize that this is a new concept, so i'm sure questions are bound to arise.

i've come up with a few questions that may or may not be in your head right now,
and if i've missed anything, feel free to shoot an email my way.  
{you can do that here.}

q: who can participate in the trading?
a: anyone!  one of the main reasons i started this blog was to recognize and applaud all of the extremely creative people out there.  my hope is that i will be able to introduce you to other's who share your same passion for handmade items.

q: do i need an etsy shop to be featured as "trader of the day"?
a: not necessarily.  etsy shops, blogs, and websites are equally liked around here.  i will also advertise for you, as long as you provide me with a button/logo that i can display on my sidebar.

q: is there a limit to how many times i can be a "tradee"?
a: nope! go ahead and trade every tuesday + thursday, if you'd like.  just keep in mind that every one has different tastes.  if you don't get selected by the "trader of the day" don't give up hope!  chances are, many others will want to trade with you and it will be a win-win on all sides.

q: i make {fill-in-the-blank-here} but i haven't started an etsy shop, blog, or website yet.  am i disqualified from participating?
a: unfortunately, you won't be able to be "trader of the day."  i need to be able to see some proof of your business ethics, and look over your product to make sure it meets the standards of the trading post.  this is easiest for me when you have an etsy shop, blog, or website.  however, if you want to be considered as a "tradee," take a picture of your product and email it to me at j.tradingpost@gmail.com.

q: how much does it cost to participate?
a: basically nothing!  all you are responsible for is paying for the shipping cost of your product(s).

q: as "trader of the day" will i get my product back after you review + rave about it?
a: since it is free to participate, this is the one requirement that i have for you.  i want to be able to use + love + enjoy your product to write up a review on you and your business.  you will not be getting that one product back.  but remember, you will be given the opportunity to choose who you trade with and you will be receiving a bunch of handmade goodies in the mail.  how awesome is that?!

q: what happens if someone doesn't hold up their end of the bargain?
a: hopefully, we never have to deal with this!  we all know how we would like to be treated, so let's just keep in mind that "honesty is the best policy."  however, to eliminate some temptations that may arise, the "trader of the day" will not send out his/her product until they receive the handmade products from the chosen "tradees."  
*in case some participants chose to be dishonest, the trading post is not responsible.*