want to trade?

how do i become "trader of the day"?? 

step one: in order for you to be considered as "trader of the day," send me an email with a link to your etsy shop, blog, or website.  in the email, please specify which of your products you would like to trade with others.  i will then let you know when your big debut is!

step two: send me the product you wish to be featured. {make sure there is adequate time for me to review and rave over the product before your big debut!}  you'll also want to email me your button/logo so i can advertise for you.

step three: on the day of your big debut, potential "tradees" will leave a comment on the trading post with a link to their product that they wish to trade with you.  at the end of the day, go through the comments and let me know whose products you love + want to trade with. 

step four: i will contact the lucky "tradees" and give them your mailing info.  once you have received your goodie in the mail, make sure to speedily send your product off to them!

how do i become a "tradee"??

step one: check out the trading post every tuesday + thursday to see the newest, awesome product of the day.

step two: if you like what you see, {chances are you will!} leave a comment on that post, your email address, a quick description of your own product which you will trade, 
and a link to your etsy shop, blog, or website.
*if you don't have a professional site, you aren't disqualified.  see question #4 here.

step three: if your product is chosen by the "trader of the day," i will send you a congratulatory email!  this will contain the mailing info of the "trader of the day."

step four: run, don't walk, to the post office and ship off your handmade goodie to the "trader of the day."  as soon as they receive your package, they will in turn ship off their product to you!  fun, huh?