hi!  i'm so glad you found the trading post.

my name is jessie.
i am married to my sweetheart, danny.
we have a little boy named max.
this april, a baby girl will be joining our family.
we live in a tiny town in the state of utah.
and we are members of the church of
life is good to us.

one of my fondest memories
growing up is from when i turned five.
we were living in a tiny apartment in arizona
while my dad went to school at asu.
we didn't have a lot of money to spare
but my parents "splurged" and got me an
entire ream of paper for my birthday.
the possibilities! i couldn't wait to get my hands
on some markers + crayons + colored pencils.

you'd be hard-pressed to find
a little girl as excited as i was that day.
ever since then, i have loved to create.
and i know that you do too.

among other things, this little video
has inspired me to make this blog
a reality:

my goal is that
the trading post will enable you to more fully
create, trade, and be happy!