vintage oddity

Friday, April 1, 2011
another week has come and gone...can you believe it??
thank you all so much for you support + excitement about the trading post.
i appreciate it so very much.

one of the most rewarding things that has come from this blog
{besides meeting all you wonderful people!}
has been to help out those in need.

so far, in the few weeks since the trading post began,
we have donated a grand total of $105.00!!  
isn't that amazing??  
thank you, thank you to all who have participated.

this morning, i am pleased to present to you:

kersey, {the genius behind the shop}
has a variety of products to offer you...
i have no doubt you will find something you love!

this morning,
kersey is auctioning off TWO of her lovely silhouette necklaces.
one boy + one girl

bidding is going to start at $12.00 per necklace
{retail $18 a piece!}
each necklace is made with an 18" chain--copper + antiqued brass.
you know you want one...or two!!

100% of this auction will go to
the american red cross.
to continue to help those in japan.

to be one of the lucky auction winners,
leave a comment here at the trading post,
with the amount you would like to donate 
+ the necklace you are bidding on.
{remember, the auction starts at $12/necklace}
this auction closes saturday, april 2nd, at midnight mst.
see you monday!

p.s. not only does kersey have an awesome shop,
her blog, ardor, is mighty fine as well.  check it out here.