kitty baby love

Thursday, March 31, 2011

easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.
ok, i guess i just love all holidays...thanks to my mom!

but this easter will be extra special,
because a brand new baby will be joining our family! 
{her due date is easter sunday!}

since easter is on the mind, {and babies! can you tell??}
when i saw what kitty baby love had to offer, i was instantly smitten.
their "upcycled" kitty crayons are perfect for easter baskets...
and as sara, of kitty baby love, pointed out
"they are such a great alternative to candy--no rotten teeth!"

until this thursday, april 7th, kitty baby love is trading the following:
{retail: $18.00}


six kitty egg crayons>>>
the perfect introduction to coloring for small toddler hands.
{i know my little guy would love these!!}

i'm pretty sure our easter bunny is going to be
hopping on over to kitty baby love to get some of these, right away!

to trade with sara, of kitty baby love,
all you need to do is leave a comment here, at the trading post,
with the following: {it's as easy as 1,2,3!}

1.  your name and email address
2. a link to your etsy shop or blog
**if you love to craft but don't have a "professional" shop open,
remember you are still eligible to trade!  just take a picture of your
creation and put it on your blog.  if you don't blog, email me the pic.**
3. details of your item that you wish to trade

at the end of thursday, april 7th, sara
will go through each of your comments
and choose who she would like to trade with.
i will be in touch with those who are chosen! :)

happy trading!!

p.s. sara also wanted me to let you know that
they are currently working on creating their very own blend of
natural soy + beeswax crayons...and they will be needing help to test + fund
their project soon! {doesn't that sound like fun??}

if this interests you, like it does me,
sign up for their newsletter here.


Marcia said...

Meow! These crayons are too cute! I can trade anything from my shop - handmade cards, matchbook style mini cards or clay creations. Thanks!

Marcia T

Please convo me if you'd like to trade. :)

blueorder said...

What a great idea and story! Unfortunately I not able to trade right now, I'm on a very tight budget with supplies. But I really love what you're doing!

Sara of Kitty Baby Love said...

Just wanted to note that trading is open til thursday, april 7th!

See the post here:

Darya Gardecki said...

Your crayons are my daughter's favorite. They would be purrfect >^-^< for Easter.

Darya Gardecki
Handmade Toys

If you would like to trade, please let me know what you would like from my shop.

Amira Mednick said...

Love this idea!
I want to trade for a pack of 6 crayons in basic rainbow colors.

Thanks Sara!

NorwegianWood said...

I would be so happy to trade with the lovely kittybblove! I would love to trade for 2 four packs of crayons!
Pack 1 colours:
hot pink + golden + purple + aqua

Pack 2 colours:
red + yellow + grass + midnite

iamhome said...

we would love to trade for 2 sets of magnets!
sarah and joseph

Anonymous said...

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