vintage oddity

Friday, April 8, 2011
happy friday!!
the weekends are quickly slipping by...
before i know it, i will be the mother of TWO.

today, vintage oddity has so kindly come back
to give the charity auction another go.

but this week, kersey has agreed to auction off
ANYTHING in her shop!!

not only does she have adorable silhouette necklaces
{see last week's post, here.}
but check out what else you can find in her shop:


awesome, right?? 
pretty sure i need that skeleton key necklace.
bidding today will begin at $12.00

100% of this auction will go to
the american red cross.
to continue to help those in japan.

to be the lucky auction winner,
leave a comment here at the trading post,
with the amount you would like to donate 
+ the product you are bidding on.
{remember, the auction starts at $12}
this auction closes saturday, april 9th, at midnight mst.
see you monday!

p.s. headed to the bijou market this weekend??
you can find kersey's shop there...stop by and say hi!


Sam & Michelle said...

$12.00 for the large brass hot air balloon necklace

Ritzy Misfit said...

13.00 for the gun pocket knife necklace!