weekly line.up

Monday, March 28, 2011
in some ways, monday's are my favorite.
a fresh start to a brand new week.
i'm especially excited about the events of this week...
my birthday is this saturday! :)
and general conference for my church is this weekend!

what do you have to look forward to??

if you need something to get excited about,
you've come to the right place.
some awesome sponsor's are headed our way...

but first, 
let me reveal the winner of the
adorable endee made owl rattle!!

a BIG  thank you
to all whooooo entered!
kate, please email me at 
and i'll get you the details for 
your prize. congrats!!

now, on to our sponsor's:

laura, of so bella
is an incredible seamstress.
her aprons + dresses
are beautifully hand-crafted.
see for yourself.

has got organization figured out to a tee.
i am obsessed with lists + planning,
so these little notebooks are right up my alley.

with easter right around the corner,
has your little ones in mind.
her upcycled  kitty crayons are sure
to be a hit this year!

and kersey, of vintage oddity
has an eye for vintage + awesome things.
from her bunting necklaces to peanut pocket knives,
her shop is sure to please.

i told you this week would be awesome!
i'll see you tomorrow...


Brittany said...

Those crayons are the coolest and I'm not even a big fan of cats!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Um.... I NEVER WIN! Yahoo! :) I'll e-mail you right now! :) can you tell I'm excited? -lots of smileys in this comment!