paper jacks

Friday, March 25, 2011

one of my best friend's got a job
a few years ago working at the local bookstore
during christmastime, wrapping gifts.
she became a pro at making gifts look
absolutely amazing.  and i am still 
jealous of her gift-wrapping abilities.

so when i found out jennifer, of paper jacks
was sponsoring our charity auction today,
i was a like a giddy little girl.

want to know why??
her shop provides you with 
multiple options for wrapping, decorating +  labeling
whatever your heart desires!
plus, you don't have to be a
pro-gift wrapper to make your packages look amazing.  
her paper ribbon + labels take care of the hard part.

today, jennifer of paper jacks is auctioning off 
two ribbon boxes + two boxes of labels 
{a $22.00 value!}
the best part is, the highest bidder
gets to choose which ribbons + labels 
they would like from her shop!

each ribbon box contains 7 yards of ribbon
and the labels come in sets of 12.

here are just a few of my favorites:

with easter coming up,
and birthday's continually before us,
i'm sure you will find many uses for
jennifer's adorable ribbon + labels.

this morning, 
bidding is going to start at $15.00
{retail $22}
100% of this auction will go to
the american red cross.
to continue to help those in japan.

to be the lucky auction winner,
leave a comment here at the trading post,
with the amount you would like to donate.
{remember, the auction starts at $15}
this auction closes saturday, march 26th, at midnight mst.
see you monday!


Erica+Matson said...

$15. I will totally use these!