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Friday, March 11, 2011
who else is excited that the weekend is finally here??
i know i am!  even though i'm a stay-at-home mom,
there is something wonderful about the weekends.
{maybe it's due to the fact that my husband is home
to help expend some of the energy of our little guy...}
whatever it is, i'm happy and hope you are too! :)

today i've got something wonderful to offer you:

a photography session {of your choice!!}
with the amazingly talented lindsey orton!

know someone getting hitched?
need pictures of your brand new baby?
want beautiful spring family pictures?
have a senior graduating this may?

then this choose to give auction is for you!
you can choose between a family, senior, portrait, 
engagement, bridal, or newborn session. 

the bidding is going to 
begin at $75.00
{which is a screaming deal!! 
these packages range 
from $200-350!}

lindsey's little brother, sterling, 
has a genetic condition called VCFS.  the winner of today's auction will donate directly to the VCFS Educational Fund.

to read more about this genetic condition, you can read lindsey's sweet blog post here.

i am very excited about this wonderful opportunity we have to help other's in need.
this weekend, let's choose to give!

this auction will close saturday, march 12th, at midnight mst.

**keep in mind, lindsey is a photographer located in utah county**
if you don't live around here, but know someone who does...
just remember that surprise gifts are always nice! :)


Natasha said...

Really? I'm the first bidder? I would LOVE to win this photography session! I'll start this party with $75.00!

Brittany said...