twig creative

Thursday, March 10, 2011
it's a new day.
let's give this trading post another shot, shall we?!
i've got a new sponsor, twig creative,
and they are ready and excited to
see what creative items you have
up your sleeves. 

but before you rush off to show them what you have to offer, 
let me tell you why you want what they got:

1. they are a husband + wife team.  need i say more?
2. their ideas are fresh, fun, and unique.
3. i have yet to see something in their shop that i don't love.
{my twig creative post earrings are my new favorite pair.} 

today, twig creative, is offering
three different options for trade:

love is time print, retail $8.00

fork print, retail $8.00

hoot hoot owl dangles, retail $8.00

like what you see?
chances are, twig creative will like what you offer them.  

so, what do you specialize in??
homemade jellies? baby blankets? funky silhouettes?
earrings? prints? paintings? toys? headbands?

know there are hundreds of creative people out there.
let's celebrate the handmade let the trades begin!

leave a comment here, at the trading post,
with the following: {it's as easy as 1,2,3!}

1.  your name and email address
2. a link to your etsy shop or blog
**if you love to craft but don't have a "professional" shop open,
remember you are still eligible to trade!  just take a picture of your
creation and put it on your blog.  if you don't blog, email me the pic.**
3. details of your item that you wish to trade
{be sure to specify which item you would like to acquire}

at the end of today, march 10th, twig creative
will go through each of your comments
and choose who they would like to trade with.
i will be in touch with those who are chosen! :)

happy trading!!

p.s. for those of you in utah, twig creative will be selling their
amazing products at the bijou market.  be sure to stop by and say hi!


Linda said...

Love to trade.

Linda said...
Some jewelry, some supplies.

Nicole M said...

I would love to do a trade. Browse my shop and see if there is anything that catches your eye. :)