Tuesday, April 26, 2011
i'm sure you've seen all sorts of adorable things you can do with felt.
i know i have seen hundreds of ideas all over the internet.
{but then again, i am slightly obsessed with felt!}
i've recently tried making little baby headbands and bows out of felt
but it is a little difficult to work with felt when dealing with such tiny pieces!
so i am in love with the shop kutz.
pre-cut felt flowers to satisfy all your crafting needs!
it's genius really.
 just take a look at some of the things cyn has to offer:

awesome right??
to trade with cyn of kutz
all you need to do is leave a comment here, at the trading post,
with the following: {it's as easy as 123!}

1.  your name and email address
2. a link to your etsy shop or blog
**if you love to craft but don't have a "professional" shop open,
remember you are still eligible to trade!  just take a picture of your
creation and put it on your blog.  if you don't blog, email me the pic.**
3. details of your item that you wish to trade

**remember, trading is now open for ONE week! hooray!**
at the end of tuesday, may 2nd,
cyn will go through each of your comments
and choose who she would like to trade with.
i will be in touch with those who are chosen! :)

happy trading!!